Know When is the Right Time for Engine Rebuild

Many people have already heard of the engine rebuild. However, many not really know what a rebuilt engine really is or what is done when an engine is being rebuilt. Engines are rebuilt for many reasons. Just like your Scissor lifts. It also needs engine rebuild in some cases. Get to know why engines are rebuilt, what are the things you need to rebuild an engine, and other signs that your vehicle might benefit from a rebuild.

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Rebuild Reasons

There are usually two main reasons why people rebuild their engine. It is because of poorly seating piston rings and wear to engine bearings. The moving parts of the engine, like rods and pistons, crankshaft, etc. are mounted on bearings that allow them to move freely. Bearing rings are lubricated by engine oil. The bearings are built to last many thousands of miles, but they also experience wear over time. This wear is accelerated exponentially when your vehicle is poorly maintained an is run on low oil levels or your oil change schedule is not properly followed.
The worn bearings can produce loud knocking and can cause a destructive failure of the engine. Piston rings seal in the expanding gases created by the burning of gasoline within your engine. As it wears, they no longer seal the cylinders properly, resulting in an abnormality called ”blow-by.” It occurs when crankcase oil escapes the past worn rings and is burned by the fuel mixture in the cylinder. This is the usual reason why older engines have an excessive amount of smoke in their exhaust.

During the Rebuild

When an engine is rebuilt, there are few basic things that are done to restore it to good working state. The lower half of the engine is removed and sent to an automotive machine shop. It is disassembled and cleaned so that the condition can be properly assessed. Depending on your internal parts of the engine, its piston rings, bearings and sometimes the pistons are being replaced. Its internal surfaces are also reconditioned to make sure that the piston rings can form a proper seal with the cylinder walls. Lastly, the engine is reassembled and installed back in your own vehicle. Usually, the cylinder head is also reconditioned at the same time.

When You need To Rebuild

There are frequently seen signs that a rebuild may be necessary for the engine. The most common is the oil consumption and the excessive white smoke in your exhaust, especially when your engine is cold. This is a normal sign of piston rings. The more extreme signs are metal shavings in your engine oil and disturbing noise from the engine bearings.

Remember that a rebuild can be quite expensive and it might not be the right choice for all the vehicles of CanLift equipment. If you already think that you might be in the market for a rebuild, you might also consider swapping it in a lower-mileage engine or an engine that is still in good condition as this option could still be cheaper.


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