Top 10 Construction Equipment that Gets the Job Done

canlift equipment skyjackConstruction sites in this present time are often packed with diverse machinery and equipment that assist the workers in their efforts to get the job done efficiently. From the most functional to the most sophisticated, below are the most popular construction equipment and essential items that finish the job safely, efficiently, and timely. And of course, the proper use and care of equipment play an important factor to utilize them in the best possible way.

1. Hard Hat

As the saying goes, safety first. Though this is not really an equipment, but this one of the most important items on any construction site. And never enter the site not wearing one, as you may end up finding things that are more hazardous than necessary.

2. Aerial Work Platform

This kind of equipment comes in varieties. This includes a scissor like or cherry picker, and it has a platform that is attached to a lift in order to allow access to the areas that inaccessible because of obstruction or height. This equipment is highly maneuverable, which allows it to be quickly moved to the different locations on site.

3. Motorized Cultivator

This is a piece of equipment that is usually used for farm works. This is often seen and used in preparing the field for new crops. Its rotating blades are called rotary tillers work with the soil. A motorized cultivator is often drawn behind a tractor and can be used for digging.

4. Pneumatic Drill

This is driven by a compressed air. This is also known as jackhammer and has been around for a very long time. It was developed in the mid-nineteenth century for the purpose of speeding up the mining process, tunneling, and quarrying. With its instantly familiar noise, its sound signifies a necessary construction before rebuilding.

5. Excavator

This is an engineering and construction vehicle with an articulated arm, a bucket, and a cab that is mounted on a pivot. This equipment is used in both construction and farm work, but is usually associated with digging trenches, foundations and holes, demolition, forestry work, driving piles, mining, heavy lifting, and landscaping.

6. Cement Mixer

This equipment provides the glue to bind the whole construction. It has a circular chamber that is rotated by an engine or can be manually to combine a mixture of cement, water, and an aggregate like a crushed stone, gravel, or sand into the finished product of concrete.

7. Road Roller or Steam Roller

This is primarily used in road construction, as well as other purposes which include compacting soil, concrete, gravel, or asphalt. Road rollers are often used with pavers to spread asphalt on the roadways.

8. Forklift

This is a high-powered vehicle used in lifting and transporting heavy materials and items. There are a wide variety of sizes and load capacities for forklifts.

canlift equipment boom lift

9. Crawler

This is also known as a bulldozer. This is a tractor with a metal dozer blade. The blade has different shapes appropriate to the purpose and the size of the construction site. This is usually used in larger construction projects.

10. Crane

This is one of the most commonly used construction equipment. Its presence has been very essential in construction sites ever since. This is used for heavy lifting of materials to greater heights and to horizontally move them into position.


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