The Different Types of Construction Lifts

Boom lifts are machines that enable workers to reach at a height. This way, any construction or establishment do not need to build scaffolding instead, renting or buying the machine may be an option to complete a task with ease. These machines are also used for maintenance work such as cleaning window glasses at a certain level of height. Normally, these construction lifts have a platform and a safety belt ready for workers as they are elevated at a height. Keep in mind that there are different types of aerial equipment as each is suited to meet the construction and maintenance need.

Bucket Trucks

Types of Construction Lifts

Oftentimes, this equipment is known as the cherry-pickers. Perhaps, the name came up because of its use. The machine is commonly used by workers who prune trees, landscapers, and utility workers. This equipment carries a bucket at the end of the long boom. This is where the worker stands as the machines elevates them. Since the boom is mounted on the standard truck, this machine can withstand travelling on roads following the traffic speed. Most power companies ready this equipment as it lifts employees reach transmission lines. These bucket trucks must be checked regularly to ensure that it is well insulated as these are commonly used near potential shock hazards.

Articulated Boom Lifts

Types of Construction Lifts

This is another type of boom lift which is also known as knuckle lift. This machine has a work platform mounted on an arm wherewith it enables the worker reach around obstacles. The turntable at the base of the machine allows the equipment to turn the lift in full circle. Knuckle lifts are useful for maintenance tasks and other completed tasks that need access. Say for a repair on an exterior electrical or piping. These articulating boom lifts provide convenience as the worker reaches those hard-to-reach spots. This equipment is normally controlled by a driver on the platform as the boom is extended. For an uneven terrain, these boom lifts are suitable.

Telescoping Boom Lifts

Types of Construction Lifts

For a task that requires a maximum height, this type of lift is the most preferable. A work bucket is mounted on a straight and extendable arm as this boom sits on a rotating turntable. Keep in mind that the bucket of this boom lift can handle a single worker. This means that this is best used for a specific task that requires an extreme level of height such as electrical repair, else for maintenance jobs such as window-washing.

Scissor Lifts

Types of Construction Lifts

These lifts are named after the cross-braces as it motions as it squeezes together and pushes the platform straight up at a level. This type of boom lift is much more limited in use since the equipment has to be positioned immediately below the work site. They too, along with the other lifts can provide convenience and make the task easier.

In conclusion, machines are supposed to make the tasks complete with ease. It enables to complete not only a construction project but also maintenance work. Although a company does not necessarily need to buy the equipment, there are companies that offer used boom lifts in order to meet the needs.


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