An Overview of Lift Equipment

Overview of Lift EquipmentsAerial lifts come in a variety of models and each one has its own purpose. These are equipment designed to elevate workers at a height upon construction of the site. Equipment such as scissors lift, aerial boom lifts are commonly known as ‘manbaskets’. It carries workers to a height where it is needed to. Boom and scissor lift equipment are commonly used to keep the worker safe at the heights. Contractors can purchase these equipment, else, rent it to be used only during the construction.

Sales and Rentals

Before an entrepreneur or a contractor decides to purchase the equipment, consider on the size project. Although there are a lot of construction companies that enable their lift equipment to be rented and some are even sold, before making any purchase decision, learn and understand important points such as operating and safety measures. All these must not be limited only when buying the equipment; it is an essential to have knowledge with regard to these rented vehicles to be in best condition the moment it will be returned.

Some construction companies have partnered with equipment manufactures so renting or purchasing can be at a lesser amount. Say for a scissor lift that can work at a height of 21 feet. These equipment are designed to be used when reaching at a lower height and more lifting capacity is a necessity. Compared to a boom lift, this type of lift equipment is intended for lifting a heavier load. Contractors can choose from famous brands such as Genie, JLG, and more. This can range from $2,000-$10,000. However, boom lifts, where it ranges from $4,000-$30,000. These lifts are electric powered that can lift up to as high as 60 feet. There are many brands and models to choose from which can meet according to the construction need.


For safety procedures, whenever there is a lift vehicle used, a yellow or red caution ribbon is required to be placed in the area. It ensures safety and to inform that it would be dangerous to enter into a hazardous area to prevent injury.

Operators must have the skills and display a professional attitude at work. In other words, take top priority in any job and consider safety. It always makes a different when safety is ensured so each working day would be free from injury and other danger causing incidents. If it be possible, demonstrate on the following skills:

  • Personal Safety and Safety of Others

    This skill is intended for everyone at the construction site. Each worker does not just respect the safety of the public but also the safety of his co-worker as well.

  • Procedures / Facilities / Property

    In order to ensure safety and keeping the equipment at best condition, always follow procedures. Keep in mind that equipment facilities are to be handled with care.

  • Work Habits

    Always display a good work habit. Thereby, a worker can be efficient and reliable if he performs with an excellent working habit.

These equipment are intended to meet the needs for construction.


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