The Proper Way to Use a Boom Lift

Genie Z-135 Boom LiftBoom lift is an important machine for many industries when they carry out different tasks. A boom lift makes it more convenient for workers to do their job. This also includes performing them safely and a boom lift enhances efficiency while reducing the length of time for a specific task to be finished. Of course, this kind of lift should be operated carefully. If in case it has been operated the wrong way, it may lead to some serious accidents.

To secure safety and the proper way of using a boom lift, it is necessary to conduct an inspection. Make a visual inspection by walking around it. Make sure that there is no oil leak or any fluid. Check if the tires are inflated to their proper levels. After these things, you can start lifting and bringing the input controls to the base. You should operate the lift for you to ensure a smooth function. In addition, you should not forget to wear a safety harness before going into the basket. The harness should then be clipped properly to the basket. After, you should lower its safety switch in order for the platform controls to be turned on. The function switch should be set to its “drive” mode. Move the lift to the forward direction and reverse it to check is there is any problem with its movement. You also have to make sure that its wheel are turning both right and left without problems.

The next thing to do is to do an inspection with the boom arm. Carefully examine it to be sure that it lowers, raises, retracts, and extends properly. After being sure that the boom arm works perfectly, turn it off. After turning it off, unhook its lanyard and come out from the basket. Take a look at the work area and secure that there is none to be addressed before the start of the work.When you get satisfied with all these, it’s time to take the lift to the working area.

JLG 800AJ Boom LiftTry positioning the lift to reaching the work area very close as much as possible. First, extend its boom arm that is being attached to the basket. Then, adjust its second boom arm closer to the working area. You also need to elevate its articulated boom. By adjusting the boom lift is such given order will ensure stability for a swifter, more convenient, and safer work.

When the work has been completed, turn the lift off and lower all its boom arms to a locked position. Start with its arm that is closest to the ground and through the other one that is being attached to the basket. Then, lower the basket until it allows you to conveniently come of the basket. After this, you can switch it off and take the keys out of the ignition. These procedures should be followed every time you perform a work that uses boom lifts for you to minimize and avoid any possibilities for mishaps.


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